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The Green Garden

A book on which I started writing about one and a half years ago, which explains my experience with this world and how it could be different.
Because I got overwhelmed with many other projects and my own soul searching I haven’t found much time to continue on this piece of writing. All I can say is:

Imagine a Place

Just image a place, a place without debts, a place without corporal influence, a place without influence from money, a place without power, a place with freedom, a place free to live and a place free to be.

A place fulfilled with happiness and joy, a place where people live today and where tomorrow will be good, a place with a perfect future and a place where all dreams can become reality.

A place where everything is available and nothing is missing, a place to do only what is necessary and a place where you can do what you want.

A place where everything is automated, a place where food and water is readily and vastly available and a place where energy isn’t scarce.

A place full with excitement, a place with little sorrow, a place to live forever, a place to be always healthy, a place with only peace and without war.

A place without stress, a place to find love and a place to be loved, a place where you come first, a place where you can get help whenever you need it.

A place where everyone is schooled, a place where science is a daily practice, a place without pain and a place without deceases.

A place where you need to be. A place where you want to be. A place to be happy.

The green garden.

To be continued

More on this later, I’m really excited about this piece of writing and I will continue writing on this, all released directly on this website.
The main reason I choose this theme for this website is to support this type of content :).
A book.