CyberWire is the collective point for all my projects, because my name is Sybre Waaijer and a lot of people in the English-speaking countries called me Cyber.
It’s just so fitting, because, well.. I’m using Cyber space through Wires :D!

Anyway, the point of this very website is to blog and write (isn’t that the same thing?) about my feelings and emotions. Okay, I’m kidding, I don’t have any!
Haha! But seriously: I’m going to write about my projects and thoughts about the current state of things. Yes, things. Go figure, it could be about anything…

But it’s mostly about my projects. Hooray.


Oh, this website isn’t getting any optimization for search engines since that requires a lot of time! Plus this website is using a unique theme for which I don’t really have much time for to figure out. Luckily this website is on the Host Mijn Pagina network so no work is actually needed.

Time will tell when it’s perfect :).