EM Dashboard

Sybre Waaijer on August 11, 2015

EM Dashboard

Written to make life easier for my users on Host Mijn Pagina, this plugin “removes” unnecessary menu items and metaboxes from your WordPress wp-admin Dashboard.

No configuration is needed. Either Network Activate this or use it on a single site.

You can also set up your configuration through a simple menu only accessible by the site’s admin if you’re on a WordPress Single Site installation or super admin if you’re on a WPMU installation.

This plugin listens to an option set per user, if it’s active and all parameters are correct (preventing bugs) menu’s will be removed from loading. Don’t be afraid to give it a try :)

Also used here

This plugin is also used on this site, or on any of the Host Mijn Pagina network sites. It’s custom made to be simple, fast, effective and above all bug free.

In the future I’ll be adding more options but for now this will do. There are a lot of filters available for you to use so if you know your way around PHP you’re definitely able to fine-tune this plugin at this very moment.

Get it from WordPress.org

EM Dashboard is a plugin to ease the life for new WP users and eases your own workflow too.

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