The Green Garden

Sybre Waaijer on April 8, 2015

An Utopic Cyberculture

The world of tomorrow, starting today.


I’d like to welcome you all to a thought experiment, which could, or rather should become reality.

There will be some flaws in the design of this utopic world you’ll be facing in this book. There will be subjects and opinions which could be nonconforming to your or anyone else’s views. There will be matters coming that could be discriminating towards race, ethnicity or religion.

However, it is my intention that this book is merely a start for a new utopia. And in this ever-changing world, so will be the outcome of this subject. We’re progressing to and through a new age, and so this book will be outdated upon release. For this reason, this book has been written in an easily editable medium: a blog.

I am young, being in my mid-twenties. Living on my own is this cruel world and learning every day. I see, like many others, life can be better than it is today. We’re controlled by the ever growing capitalistic society, working for our lives, getting up too early every day, having no time to spend for ourselves and having no time to spend with our loved ones. And this is all because we have to help someone else; the person who writes your paycheck, while we don’t even want to help them. We all work to live and we all live to die.

This world is annihilating itself when you look at how it is today, you’ll think to yourself: “What have we come to in this world?” We have enough nuclear warheads to destroy the entire population of this world and we’re fighting over books written 3500 years ago. We can’t be who we are and we can’t become who we want to be. We have to do something, we have to make a change.

We are fighting wars for money. We’re fighting lives to pay for a doctor. We are fighting hunger because big corporations need more cheap beef and cheap corn for their wasted food to sell. We are fighting tribes because we want oil. We are ruining science because we don’t want renewable energy.

Crime is rising, people are unhappy, we have grown upon greed and we are caring only for ourselves. This could be so much better. We could be happy, we could have everything we want and need, we could care for others.

My intentions of this book are to put down my thoughts, to put down my thoughts and to put down my vision of the future as I would like to bring a better world for everybody.
The final goal of this writing is to put up a new society that conforms to the world as it is today, conforms to the technology we have today and conforms to the people as they are today. And to bring a better tomorrow.

I want to bring to you: The Green Garden.