Pro Mime Types

Sybre Waaijer on September 7, 2015

Pro Mime Types for WordPress

Written to make life easier for my users on Host Mijn Pagina, this plugin secures the upload area from insecure content.
Meanwhile, it also adds new mime types such as .svg to be uploaded.

This plugin works on both a MultiSite as a Single Site environment.

This plugin also integrates itself with Pro Sites by WPMUdev, so when you’re on a network and have Pro Sites active you can also configure different mime types to be allowed for upload per Pro Site level.

Also used here

This plugin is also used on this site, or on any of the Host Mijn Pagina network sites. It’s custom made to work with Pro Sites, but is also configured to work without.

There’s not much more to say about this plugin other than that it doesn’t affect performance at all. Feel free to try it.

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Pro Mime Types is a plugin to secure your website from unwanted file extensions to be uploaded in the Media upload area of WordPress, but also helps you to easily add previously disallowed mime types.

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