Meteen Online (Online Right-Away)

Meteen Online is a take on the formerly called Bouw Mijn Pagina.

Host Mijn Pagina started out as Bouw Mijn Pagina: Me making websites for others.
While doing so I figured it could be easier: Not installing a WordPress website every time I start on a project, not buying server space, not optimizing every time for every different website, not installing plugins I need every time… I think you get the point:
So Host Mijn Pagina evolved from Bouw Mijn Pagina and all related work to Bouw Mijn Pagina was halted.

Since Host Mijn Pagina has become a solid framework with over 200 themes and 30 plugins (most are auto-activated), it was time to do something else: Meteen Online.

The Concept

Meteen Online’s concept is derived from Bouw Mijn Pagina and has been simplified by my father: Making a simple website template for a single target audience (for example: Hairdressers ( From there we adjust the content to the needs of the customer without much effort.

This makes up for really cheap websites (only 50 euro’s) which would normally cost above 800 euros. This is perfect for starting businesses whom want to get online ASAP for as little money as possible.

The Future

My fathers plan is to automate every aspect within Meteen Online, however I do not really see that working at this moment since it’s extremely time consuming without much return. All this design could better be placed within Host Mijn Pagina to serve more customers including myself.
Completely automating Meteen Online would require a lot of custom code which can’t be used anywhere else, so I can’t really give away my code.

Either way, here’s the link: Meteen Online.